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Car Accident in Vernon Hills, IL

Personal Injury Area: Personal Injury   |   Posted on October 12, 2015

Case Background:
One evening at midnight, our client was waiting at a red light when she was rear-ended by another driver. The impact of the crash was very heavy, both vehicles had to be towed from the scene, and both drivers were transported to a local hospital.

Upon release from the hospital, we met with the victim. Hospital records did not show any major problems with her overall health. However, her car was a totaled and she described the accident as severe.


Due to the amount of physical damage to the vehicles and the victim’s description of the event as “severe”, we recommended that she go to see a specialist to confirm the hospitals minor diagnosis. Upon seeing an additional physician, our client was diagnosed with a “whiplash” injury. Such injuries are not usually visible immediately after the car accident but could have a severe impact on the health of a person in the future. Because this injury does not manifest symptoms right away, many people miss the opportunity to receive compensation for this type of injury.

We met with the client again after the second diagnosis and agreed to represent her. Upon completion of her treatment, we submitted doctor’s records to the insurance company. We asked the insurance adjuster to take into consideration our client’s age, gender, family status and consider certain activities that she would not be able to perform because of her injury. Moreover, it was later determined that our client lost some potential earnings and would not be able to pursue certain career prospects due to the injuries she sustained during the accident.


$45,000 Settlement

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