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Everything You Need to Know about Construction Accidents

Just because a construction site is, by definition, a hazardous place to work, doesn’t mean that when people are injured there, they don’t have legal rights. A construction worker doesn’t enter a construction site and say “I realize this may be a dangerous place to work and therefore I give up all my legal rights if I am injured here.”

Regardless of the risk of injury that accompanies construction sites, all parties having an interest in that project – from the property owners to general contractors, to subcontractors, to machinery and equipment suppliers – have a responsibility to make that construction site as safe as possible.

Lawsuits Resulting From Construction Injuries

A variety of safety precautions are available to employers so that they can reduce the risk of injuries and death. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other similar organizations gather and promote the latest safety standards formulated to help companies keep their employees as safe as possible. Whether or not an employer or construction worksite owner has decided to ignore or adhered to these safety standards is another matter.

Construction injuries commonly result in lawsuits, which alone can be overwhelming. But a complex network of issues — including workers’ compensation and contractor/sub-contractor relationships — can make the legal landscape of a construction related lawsuit difficult to navigate. So, injured workers should consider consulting a local attorney experienced in construction law.

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At, we understand that the law is confusing and difficult to understand. Add an injury on top of that and many people miss out on their rightful compensation. If you are dealing with a construction related lawsuit, reach out to us today to start the process of making your legal experience easy and fruitful.


If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in the line of duty as a construction worker in Chicago, it is important to seek legal advice from a construction accident lawyer right away. A brief phone conversation will help determine whether you have a strong case and can offer an estimate of the potential settlement amount you may be entitled to receive. The consultations in our Schaumburg office are completely free, as our construction accident attorneys only get paid when you do, meaning there is no risk to you in regard to attorney costs. Call today to get the relief you deserve as an injured construction worker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I have been in a construction accident?

  • Seek medical treatment for your injuries
  • Report your accident and injuries to your supervisor
  • Keep medical records and photographs to document your injury
  • Keep a journal to document the effects or your injury
  • Continue treatment until you have completely recovered

What is the difference between a construction accident claim and a personal injury claim?

Are all injuries on the job site covered by worker’s compensation?

How do I pay for my treatment while I am out of work?

Can my employer fire me due to my injury/filing a worker’s compensation claim?

How much money can I get for a construction accident claim?

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