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Illinois Auto Accident Statistics - Infographic(09-07-2016)

Auto accidents caused due to drivers’ recklessness and negligence has been considered as one of the leading reasons for death and injuries across US. Here are some statistics to show you how these accidents affect the lives of people in the state of Illinois itself.

Total no. of auto accidents that took place across Illinois in 2014 – 296,049
Injury causing auto accidents – 61,084
Fatal auto crashes – 845
This means…
Around 811 auto accidents occurred per day
More than 2 people were killed per day due to a traffic accident
More than 9 people ended up being injured per hour due to a car crash
84,652 people ended up being victims of these motor accidents.
71,973 people suffered from some kind of injury due an accident
65% – Drivers
26% – Passengers
5% – Pedestrians
4% – Bicyclists
11,755 people suffered from an “A” type injury*
65% – Drivers
24% – Passengers
7% – Pedestrians
4% – Bicyclists
924 people were killed in an auto crash
63% – Drivers
20% – Passengers
14% – Pedestrians
3% – Bicyclists

* “A” type injuries are the severe kinds of injuries that prevent a victim from performing normal activities such as walking, driving, etc. post accident.

  • While 56% victims died in single vehicle accidents, 44% victims lost their lives in multiple vehicle accidents.
  • An alarming number of Illinois teenagers have been victims of auto accidents; while around 66 teenagers were killed in fatal auto crashes, 1,108 teenagers suffered from “A” type injuries.
  • DUI continues to be a rising concern…
Out of the 580 drivers that were killed in traffic accidents, 509 were tested with a BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of 0.01 or more.

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