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Vehicle Accident & Personal Injury Attorney in Palatine, Illinois

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According to the CDC, 32,675 people met fatalities on the roadways in 2014 alone – that’s about 90 per day, or about 3.75 fatalities every hour. Furthermore, a total of approximately 6 million car accidents happen each year, causing 3 million drivers to sustain personal injuries from their accident. Most would agree that negligence and general good judgement would help prevent a lot of these injuries, especially drunk driving accidents and failures to obey speed limit laws. But one fact remains: you simply can’t control the actions of other drivers on the road, and car accidents are an unavoidable part of life. If you or a loved one have sustained injuries from a motorway accident, we can help you receive compensation for bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, bus accidents, vehicle accidents, and truck accidents. Remember, even if you have received money from an insurance plan, you may still be entitled to further compensation. We want to ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Additional Personal Injury Services Offered in Palatine, Illinois

However, motorway accidents only make up a fraction of the total number of personal injuries that occur every year. In addition to the preceding motorway injuries, we can also help clients recover compensation for a variety of other types of personal injuries including:

Seeking Reputable Legal Counsel in Palatine

Victims of accidents who have sustained personal injuries need to reach out to a trustworthy local attorney as soon as possible to win compensation. If you live in Palatine and need qualified legal counsel, don’t wait any longer. Call us today at 888-841-4878 or contact us online to get the help and compensation you need after an accident.

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