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Brain Injury Attorney Schaumburg, Chicago

Brain Injury Cases

We understand how devastating it can be to have a brain injury and have it change your life forever. It not only changes your life but also affects the lives of your loved ones. A brain injury can cause you to not be able to perform certain functions that you were once able to do with ease – A severe brain injury can even leave you completely paralyzed and unable to work which means you’re unable to support yourself or your family. In addition to the physical and financial toll it takes on you, it can leave you burdened with emotional and mental stress as well.

We handle a variety of brain injury cases.

We handle a variety of brain injury cases – motor vehicle accidents, at-work accidents, defective products that may have caused your injury, falls at the fault of someone else’s property, physical fights, exposure to toxic chemicals, sporting event brain injuries, etc.

It’s important to document the timeline of your injury as well as holding onto all records of your injury from hospital visits, scans, any physical issues you now experience due to the brain injury, etc. The more paper work there is, the stronger of a case we can build for you.

If you are in need of an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are in need of an experienced lawyer to help you with all the legalities, we can assist you. We serve brain-injured clients win back a sense of dignity by helping recover financial losses which include medical bills and lifelong payment support if it affects one’s ability to work. We can offer you a list of referrals for support groups, counseling, and caregivers so that you can start to heal your emotional state of being as well as provide you the care you need on a day-to-day basis.

Our goal is to win you back full compensation for the brain injuries you now have. Don’t hesitate to call us – We are here to help you every step of the way.

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