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Dog Bite Attorney Schaumburg, Chicago

Dog bite law is a combination of city, county and state law and therefore can be very difficult to navigate. If a dog has bitten you, follow the steps below and contact our expert personal injury attorneys at (888) 841-HURT to receive your rightful compensation.

Identify the Dog

Find out who owns the dog or where the animal lives. If the dog is a stray and you cannot identify it, you may be forced to undergo rabies shots.

Seek Medical Care

Depending upon the severity of the bite, contact first responders (9-1-1) for medical attention or have someone drive you to emergency care.

File Bite Report

File a bite report with your city or county animal control or Sheriff’s department.

Gather Information

Obtain the name and address of the dog owner, in addition to the dog license information. Also, find out if the dog has a record of violence.

Photograph Injuries

It is recommended that you photograph your wounds, including bruises, as well as torn, bloody clothing and the location of the attack.

Contact the Dependable IAmCallingmyLawyer.Com Team

The issues surrounding dog bites are complex and difficult to navigate through. Your Chicago personal injury lawyer is the only person besides the doctor that treats your wounds who will look after your best interest from this point forward.

Begin Journaling

Spend a little time each day recording your thoughts for the few first weeks after the attack. Dog bite claims can often take several years to complete. Anticipate keeping this journal on a biweekly basis over the course of this time.

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