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5 Things to do After Being Involved in a Workers Compensation Accident

Workers compensation can be tricky, especially if you wish to return to the job once you’re fully healed. In order to ensure you receive rightful compensation after getting injured at work, you need to complete the following 5 steps.

1) Complete the required injury reports with your employer

Take the time to fill out this report correctly as misinformation on the report may negatively affect the outcome of your case. But, don’t just sign anything your employer hands you. Make sure you read through all paperwork and understand what they mean now and in the future of your case.

2) Visit a doctor provided by your employer

Legally, an employer appointed doctor might be required by your company to complete a medical examination. The results will then be forwarded to your employer. But don’t stop there.

3) Visit an independent medical professional

This will ensure that your medical examination was completed correctly and not swayed by your employer to avoid paying for higher compensation.

4) Consult and hire a personal injury lawyer

Once you have completed both doctor examinations, consult and hire a personal injury attorney. Many reputable attorneys will offer free consultations so make sure you take the time to find the right attorney for you.

5) Make a claim with your insurance company

Your new personal injury attorney will help you gather the necessary paperwork
(Including doctor reports, employer contracts, accident location information, etc.) and set up a claim with your insurance company. Your lawyer will then obtain temporary workmen’s compensation payments for you while you are unable to work.


Examples of Workers’ Compensation:

  • Truck Drivers
  • Union Members
  • Factory Workers
  • Construction Workers
  • Railroad Workers

Once you are released by a treating physician and received all of your medical bills and records, you are eligible to receive your full settlement amount.
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